DAS Group's proprietary media tracking system AdJack℠ allows clients to easily track the return they receive from their advertising dollars.

Media Placements can be tracked by campaign and market area providing granular data on each individual placement. You will know which keywords generate calls or leads and which words generate a click but no lead.

AdJack℠ Takes data collected from multiple sources (such as Web Events, Phone Calls, Click to Call, Form Fills, etc.), compiling these results for an in-depth look at how each portal performs as a lead generator.

ROI (Return on Investment) tools allow you to chart your expected or target ROI versus the actual ROI your placements are delivering. This puts you in the driver's seat when negotiating pricing going forward to obtain that "sustainable lead cost" your company needs from all their advertising initiatives.

Statistics are available by location, region, or portal depending on how your company manages your in-bound lead flow. Calls are all recorded so your company can not only manage the marketing decisions surrounding your lead generation program but the operational issues as well.